How We Had an Awesome Staycation

So what is a staycation anyway? A Staycation is when you choose to designate time off from the usual hustle and bustle but you don’t necessarily go anywhere. Most people on staycation stay within driving distance from home and may or may not even get a hotel.

 There are a lot of reasons more and more folks are opting for staycations. First off, let’s address the elephant in the room. Vacations can be expensive! Between the price of airlines, hotels, excursions, souvenirs, etc; the price can really add up. Secondly, if you have a growing family, the ages of your children may be a factor. I know for us that we hesitate on some trips because the boys just aren’t old enough to enjoy them or to cooperate with all the things that come with travel. I mean, how much baby gear do you need to travel? Will your baby nap in an unfamiliar place? Because if they don’t, they may be a fussy mess on vacation! Do you have a small baby that might cry on a plane? Yikes. My point is, there are a lot of reasons why Staycations are becoming so popular.

Recently, my husband took 3 weeks off from work and we used it as a staycation!  We slept at home in our own beds but we really made the most of the time and we had a ton of fun. We didn’t have to pack a thing, we had a ton of fun with the kiddos, and we checked a lot off of our spring/summer bucket list! So here are some tips that I recommend to any Staycationer wondering “How to Have an Awesome Staycation this Summer”



1.     We bent the rules. We usually follow a schedule and to some extent, for the kids, we still did. I mean, I’m not a psycho; they still needed daily naps and went to bed reasonably early. But we were definitely more lax about a lot of things than we usually would be. For example, we had banana splits for dinner one day and we made it a point that we slept in on most days. We put the kids in bed in the morning to snuggle and we stayed in bed longer. Ah, so great!

2.     We stayed up way after the kids. After the kids went to sleep, we stayed up and binge watched shows on Netflix and ate snacks like two teenagers. Sounds simple enough but when you have kids and you’re normally up at 6am- staying up late, watching shows, and uninterrupted snacking sounds an awful lot like 5 days in Maui anyhow!

3.     We toured our own home town and nearby towns.  Here are some ideas, many which we used:

-Visit a local aquarium

-Visit a zoo

-Go to the beach

-Find the best farmers markets in your area and take a stroll

-Find a good hiking spot

-Have a picnic in a local park

-Visit popular museums

-Visit the most popular outlet malls in your area and splurge

– Take a food, wine, or ice cream tour that features places you haven’t been to.

 Once you start thinking about it, there’s probably plenty to do no matter where you live.

4.     This tip might be unpopular among the more serious staycationers but we even used some of his time off to complete a few DIY projects around the house. If you don’t enjoy that sort of thing, then scratch that. But in our case, we love DIY projects and we got a few cool things done! Pinterest is always chalked full of great ideas so if you’re handy that way, don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves.

5.     We didn’t completely “unplug” and turn off all of our phones for the whole 3 weeks but we did put off any business matters that were non urgent and my husband didn’t go in to work at all.  Remember, the point is to escape the usual hustle and bustle!

6.     We took full advantage of weekdays. Normally, we schedule a lot of family activities on the weekend because that’s when my husband is off. But on Staycation, we were able to visit a lot of places and do kiddie activities during the week when most places aren’t crowded. I’m not sure if this makes me a hermit but, if I’m being totally honest, this was probably the coolest feature of the whole deal to me. No lines, no crowds, no wait times – it was great!

7.     Finally, we did nothing at all. We didn’t schedule and book an activity for every single day and that was great too. Some days, just do nothing or at least leave those days open in case you think of something spontaneous that you want to do.  Watch movies with the kids, do an art and craft with them, root yourself on the couch, throw something on the grill and just stay home; whatever sounds fun for you!

Okay staycationers, those are all of my staycation tips for you. We had a great time and we hope that you do too! If you have any other tips, please share and if you liked this piece please don’t forget to pin me.