6 Ways My Toddler Totally Cracks Me Up…

The other day, I ran into a picture of this cutie with a big cheesy grin!   It reminded me  of what a goof ball my own little man is. Before he was old enough to really be conversational, I used to wonder what he was thinking or what more he would say if he could.  Well, you know what they say; “careful what you wish for!”.  Because, I swear, t’s like one day he just woke up with a full vocabulary and a ton to say!

I’ve learned that toddlers do and say some of the funniest things on the planet.  Here are just a few times , as of late, that my little guy was a total kick in the pants:

  1.  Let’s just start with the fact that he can get down to the bottom of just about anything:

Me:  “Hey, let’s go start making dinner!”

Toddler: “why?”

Me: “because we’re all hungry and daddy will be home soon.”

Toddler: “why?’

Me: “Well, because his work day is over and he lives here”

Toddler: “Why?”

Me: “Well, why don’t we ask him when he gets here!”

Everything is “Why?”!?

2.  Or how about what a sweet big brother he is:

Me: *finally putting my sleeping 9 month old down for his nap*

         Him: RUNS over  and yells “BABY ARE YOU SLEEPING!?” while shaking his bed.

Thanks buddy, he was sleeping.

3.  Or how about that time he was searching for our dog…

Him: “Traci! Trrraaccccci!, WHERE ARE YOU!?”

…while frantically checking cabinets and drawers, because you know- we usually keep the dogs right next to our mixing bowls and utensils.

4.  And we can’t forget that time he caught a glimpse of his own pictures:

Him: ” Awe! He’s so cute!”

Me: “That’s you, on your first birthday!”

Him:” No mommy, that’s YOU. Awe, So Cuuuute!”

5.  He’s actually pretty helpful when he wants to be, the other day he even insisted on bringing in a grocery bag:

Me:  Thank you so much for your help, honey!”

Him: ” No, thank YOU, babe!”

6.  And to sum it up; here’s one small warning:

Introverts of America ; BEWARE! He’s coming for you and your personal space bubble like a wrecking ball:

You know, like when a random stranger walks by in a grocery store that  obviously just wants to be on their way and is trying their best to avoid eye contact :

Him: ” Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi!” *smiling ear to ear, standing up in his fire engine shopping cart,and waving repeatedly with his whole arm

 I’ll give him credit on this one. He has a 100% conversion rate on getting a “Hello!”  wave back. The kid has a future in direct sales.

Phew , he really cracks me up!

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